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Hardware upgrades

Disk space errors:
Insufficient memory:
Slow start times:
Thinking of tossing it in the trash? Let us take a look. Often a little upgrade can save a big expense.

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New software to replace that 10-year-old package on your computer? New computer migration of your data? Can’t figure out how to save a file? We’re here to help.

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New printers to new software. If it needs to be integrated into your environment, we are the folks for you. Let us make it work.

Call for assistance

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Virus & Malware removal / threat mitigation

So you clicked the link. You opened that E-mail. You called the phone number on the screen. You did nothing. But now you need to mitigate the damage. Let us help you through this process.

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Remote assistance

Need help but don’t want to pack everything up?
We offer secure 256-bit encrypted remote assistance at no additional charge. If you can connect to the internet we can be virtually sitting next to you in minutes

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Need help learning that new version of software? How to use that new device? How to avoid the scam? Let us help.

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All these services

• Virus/Malware Removal problems?
• System running slow?
• System Crashes?
• Upgrade Hardware/Software?
• Home/small office installation?
• Hard drive crashed?
• Data recovery?
• File migration?
• Need someone to come to you?

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And all these

• Hacker activity repaired
• PC/Laptop Operating system tuneup.
• Crash diagnostics and repair
• Installations & upgrades
• Wi-Fi, network security, gaming systems.
• Data recovery important documents / pictures retrieved.
• Onsite and Remote IT support.

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